Silicon Madre

I saw a post on Hacker News the other day about someone possibly getting squeezed out of their position in a startup.  Continue reading

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A real letter from a real teacher


Overall, this was a tough week.  Getting the children back on a routine after all the missed days was quite difficult.

Today was especially challenging with many, many children being disruptive with excessive talking.

I am asking that all families have a discussion with their children regarding classroom behavior and talking out of turn, especially.   We also received a 2 in Music, which indicates this problematic behavior in places other than the classroom.

I know many of you will ask “Is she referring to my child?”  If I marked their folder stating such, then they were among the chronic offenders today, but most of the class needs a brush up of our school rules and classroom expectations.  They are as follows:

Be respectful
Be responsible.
Be safe.

Everything falls under these three rules we have at GES.  Please discuss them with your child this weekend.

I will be out on Monday, and I would hope that they will be their best behaved selves for our substitute.

I appreciate your support.  I know next week will be a better one, and all the kiddos will come to school with a good attitude and be ready to learn!

Have a nice weekend,
[Name Redacted]

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We Have Mapped the Rest of the School Year

After looking at where we are and how we are progressing, it looks like math will be done by April.

Yesterday, we did the weeks spelling lesson in about 15 minutes.

I gave a pre-test and we are going to have to come up with harder spelling lists.

We wrote some thank you cards today as a writing lesson.

Penmanship is getting better. 


So far so good.

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Today We Wrote A Letter

Homeschooling continues… Continue reading

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Homeschooling, Let It Begin

We are getting serious about homeschooling.

Over Winter (formerly known as Christmas) Break, we came to the conclusion that we (translated “primarily, J, my wife”) would be homeschooling our oldest child for the rest of the school year.

Several things brought us to this conclusion, but just wanting the best for our kids was the number one reason.

So, we are firing up Khan Academy and Math Playground for fun activities and breaks from the daily grind.

Both our boys love Vi Hart’s Doodling in Math Class series (under Learn > Math > Recreational Math on Khan Academy).


Party like it is 1999!

Math Playground looks like it was designed in 1990s, but the kids like it and there are some pretty engaging games (even in the Common Core section).

Today for language arts practice, we started writing a play.

The working title is The Fox and the Two Apples.

I think my role is “The Bear”. (It’s just a working title.)

We are using the very detailed report card supplied by the school district as a starting off point, but we should be finished with most of that pretty soon.

We look at the goals set on the report card and our son picks what we will work on.

Being the one to choose the lessons really helps with motivation.

We all have a ton to learn, but I think that is the point.

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The Spirit of Giving

New email from the local public school…

Hi all-

Just a reminder that Monday is the day to bring in your contributions for the gingerbread houses.  I have already received many items, but I am still waiting on a few more.  Many thanks to [Redacted] who will be making bagged icing for our kids to use on Friday!

Your child’s book for the book swap is also due by Monday.  It is to be wrapped and tagged.  Please be sure to adhere to the monetary guidelines, to keep it fair for all the kids.  [Redacted] bookstore in [city name redacted] has many great books at great prices if you are struggling here in [town name redacted] to find what you want!

The kids are very excited for this project, and I am excited to highlight the concept of giving. [It is not called giving when you did not agree to it]

I will be buying pizza for the kids for lunch on this Friday, the 20th.  I will supply pizza [Did I mention my child cannot eat gluten?], (2 slices) water bottles, chips and a small dessert.  I will be ordering the pizza from Dominos.  If you do not want your child to eat this lunch, please feel free to send in your own, but let me know so I can adjust the numbers accordingly.

Parents are invited to come to the classroom at 12:15 on Friday the 20th for the gingerbread [gluten free?] house making.

I look forward to seeing many of you.

Have a great weekend, stay safe!


I do realize that having issues with gluten will always be an issue in the US, but I have never seen a decision to have treats at the school that takes being Celiac into account. NEVER.

I guess I am just venting.

Thanks for reading.

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LinkedIn Endorsements

I am often getting endorsements for database design on LinkedIn by people that have never designed a database. Continue reading

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